A collection of some of the best resources to help grow your SaaS business


Finding your feet in SaaS? These articles will inspire and guide you through the early-stages.

The essential guide to growing your early-stage SaaS startup

Hotjar share their guide, based upon their experiences, to growing to $10 million in ARR.

The road to sending one billion emails, by EmailOctopus

The story and lessons behind sustainably scaling an email marketing platform

Learn from profitable SaaS businesses via Indiehackers

Regular interviews, conducted with SaaS founders, sharing revenue and experiences.

How I built a profitable SaaS web app: from idea to first sales

Alex Moskovski shares his story of finding a SaaS to build, building it and then launching it on Product Hunt

SaaS specific tools

We’ve selected a small number of useful tools, which help you grow, analyse and maintain your SaaS business.


SaaS & subscription reporting, analytics & metrics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly and PayPal.


Chargebee lets you automate your recurring billing, manage subscriptions and access important metrics.


Profitwell offers free SaaS subscription reporting, providing you up to date MRR statistics straight from Stripe, Braintree and Chargebee

Growing your SaaS

Tools, templates, and methods to help forecast and define your SaaS business

SaaS planning

This forecasting spreadsheet, by Christopher Janz, helps plan your SaaS revenue growth by taking into account churn and new bookings.

Brand sprint

As your SaaS grows you’ll need to define what your brand is and your aims for the business, this GV Brand Sprint will help you do that.

Communities and events

Brilliant communities, which can guide you through your SaaS journey

SaaS growth hacks

A brilliant SaaS Facebook Group, run by Aaron Krall, it goes way beyond ‘growth hacks’. Filled with over thousands of SaaS founders and employees.


Highly recommended SaaS meetup in London, run by GoSquared. Usually features 3 talks from founders and is attended by around 60 founders