A snapshot of CEO CakeHR Kaspars’ well organized day

It’s quite fitting that, as CEO and Co-Founder of a software company that helps to streamline human resource management for its customers, Kaspars Upmanis is himself meticulous in how he spends each day efficiently and productively.

But it’s far from rushing through all his assignments as quickly as possible, nor cramming in as much work as humanly possible. Instead, it’s about taking the time to produce good work, even if it means walking into the office 2 hours earlier than everybody else or making it a point to head to the gym in the middle of the day to recharge.

At CakeHR, at lot of emphasis is placed on constant communication and transparency while giving employees full flexibility to define their own working hours. Kaspars ensures that these standards are not just upheld to the customers CakeHR deals with, but also for himself and for the people around him every minute of every day.

This is his story:

No fooling around

I like to wake up early, at 7:30am, and start working straight away. While the rest of the team normally starts at 10am, I like to get a head start because this leaves me a good 2 hours of focused, uninterrupted work.

The morning is when I am most productive because there are no sources of distraction.

Hitting the reset button

However, the late afternoon is generally the most unproductive time for me as the meetings and my projects sort of wears me down. So I choose to head over to gym at that time, which takes my mind off work for a little while. This is extremely important to me because the gyms allows me to refocus and refresh again.

So once I’m back in the office, I usually do some intense brainstorming with the team. Less emails or admin stuff; more talking and thinking.

Being punctual… when going home

We have a strict “no overtime” policy as we value life outside of work. Just as it’s important to work hard, you’ve also got to know when to take break, relax, and recharge. Sometimes, working overtime too often can be counterproductive, so I make it point to have everyone finish at 6pm.

I go to bed at midnight, so this leaves exactly 6 hours each evening. Time to socialise, meet friends, explore new places, or watch some documentaries. I read a lot as well. 6 hours is not a lot of time, so I try to make it as productive and as fun as possible doing things I enjoy and care about.

Getting into the right mindset

While being a bootstrapped business is not easy, especially in the early days, having a complete control of our brand and product gives me energy and dedication to continue building the best HR product for our customers.


Founded in 2012, CakeHR is a growing HR software company that streamlines attendance and performance management for customers in over 1000 cities worldwide.

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