Behind the scenes with Snappa CEO, Christopher Gimmer

Being a SaaS founder takes discipline and a lot of it. It means waking up early, getting your team in the zone, tackling the most difficult tasks first, staying physically and mentally fit and, of course, knowing when to call it a day.

Here, Christopher Gimmer, CEO and co-founder of Snappa, shares what his typical day looks like.

Getting your act together

I usually start my day around 8am. The first thing I do every morning is make myself a nice cup of fresh coffee (French press all the way). Since I work from home, I like to make sure my coffee game is on point!

Once I’ve had my caffeine fix, I’ll check-in with the team. Since we all work remotely, we’ll catch up on Slack for a bit then hash out anything that needs to be discussed. In some cases we’ll hop on a video chat if we’re discussing big projects or major feature releases.

After that, I’ll start tackling my most important tasks of the day. I’m definitely most productive in the morning so I typically avoid email and other distractions and focus instead on projects that are likely to move the needle in our business. Since I focus on the growth side of things, I’m usually working on anything that will help grow our recurring revenue.

Keeping healthy to stay focused

After a (hopefully) productive morning, I’ll stop to have lunch and then work out. Going to the gym in the afternoon is awesome: it’s way less busy and I have lots of energy at that this point in the day. If it’s a sunny day out I also try to fit in a walk and listen to a podcast.

Once I get back I’ll check my email and try to respond to everything. I’m an Inbox 0 type of guy so I don’t like leaving anything outstanding in my inbox. If it’s something I can’t respond to right away, I’ll archive it and add it to my task list in Trello.

Staying one step ahead

For the rest of the afternoon I’ll either keep working on growth-related tasks or tackle any outstanding business admin. I also like to check out what’s going on my with my stock portfolio and read through any financial news for the day.

Before the end of each workday I like to identify what I want to get done the next morning. This allows me to dive into my work right away instead of wasting brainpower in the morning figuring out what I need to work on. I’ll typically wrap up between 5 and 6pm.

Taking time off to relax

I try to avoid work as much as possible in the evening. When we first launched Snappa, my co-founder and I worked like crazy for the first year and a bit. Now we have a team in place and the product somewhat mature, I try to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We all need to hustle at one point or another but I don’t think it’s sustainable to be hustling non-stop.

On weeknights I’ll cook dinner with my girlfriend and then we’ll unwind by going for a walk or watching a documentary or something. I try as much as possible to get an hour of reading in before bed then it’s lights out around 11pm.

Doing it all over again

Consistency is the number one thing I strive for. When I look back on where I was one, two or three years ago, it’s amazing to see how much progress we’ve made. Similar to how compounding interest works in the financial world, consistently tackling important tasks will yield great results down the line in your business.

Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re making huge progress on any given day, it’ll make all the difference down the road.


Founded in 2015, Snappa is a software platform that makes it quick and easy to create graphics for social media, blogs ads and more – without Photoshop or graphic design experience.

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